Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ministry Study Reflections

The 2012 General Conference has legislation that could change the denomination significantly. The Ministry Study Commission has proposed some sweeping changes to the way we do ministry, particularly around the guarantee of a fulltime appointment. There is other legislation focusing on renewing a culture of call to ministry, especially among younger people. 

I have written a blog on this subject if you are interested: 

Our delegation and our denomination need your prayers. Thanks so much.

The grace and aloha of Jesus Christ be with you.


  1. Hello there,

    For those of us following here at home, I have a few questions:

    1) Can you help us to stay abreast of how the "big 2" (call to action and ministry study commission) are moving through committee, and when they are scheduled in plenary session? That would be really helpful. Plus, if you could help us keep in the know about any other items as they arise that we would not normally really be clued in about ... (although I'm sure you all will be very busy!!!)

    2) Also, I am working to host a live stream broadcast on our campus one afternoon, and I am trying to figure out when would be the best time ... any suggestions welcome.

    Thanks one and all for your service! Our prayers are with all of the delegates. May the the love of Christ prevail,

    Melinda Dodge
    Assoc. Pastor, Los Altos UMC

  2. Hi, Melinda!

    Thanks for your questions. And for your desire to be plugged in with what's going on!

    I'm grateful for excellent folks on our delegation--especially a couple of our reserve delegates--who'll be working to keep updates coming. I'll make sure they see these topics (the "big 2") you're especially keen on tracking.

    As for live stream broadcasting, I think that opening worship (Tuesday at 4 EST) and the addresses on Wednesday morning (from 8-10 EST--wow, that's early in Long Beach) would be fun for a broader audience to see. I'm not sure what's really happening on Sunday the 29th from 7-9:30 EST, but the posted title sounds kinda interesting: “We Need a River: A Plenary Celebration and Challenge of
    the Mission and Ministry of The United Methodist Church."

    The hot issues are a little trickier to host broadcast of, I think, as we don't yet know when they'll come.

    And God only knows when the Kairos moments might come! ;)

  3. tx molly! we are going to watch the opening worship together! i'm also intrigued by the wed am address and i'll probably be up with mattias, so i may just catch it! and the sunday one, too.

    praying for you all and our church!