Monday, January 23, 2012

Devotional and Prayer Links

Here are some links for devotions and prayer. The first link is for delegations to use before and during General Conference: 

This is from our Cal-Pac Update:
Praying With General Conference

The Upper Room is sponsoring a number of opportunities for people to join in prayer for General Conference this spring. These include:

A Prayer Website: The General Board of Discipleship website has information, guidance and suggestions to help us pray together in new and meaningful ways. Please visit regularly at:

A Prayer Guide: “50-Days of Prayer for the General Conference” includes the 40 days before the event and the 10 days that the Conference will be in session. This guide is available for every United Methodist to download in one of the official languages of the Conference. See the link to the PDF in the center of the page at:

A Prayer Room at the site of General Conference: a sacred place of beauty, peace and prayer for delegates, visitors and guests; everyone is welcome, everyone valued. Within the prayer room, sacred spaces will provide settings for multi-sensory prayer experiences.

Cal-Pac Delegation

2012 General and Jurisdictional Conference Delegation

General Conference
Lay Delegates
Ken Ellis
Leanne Nakanishi
Mele Maka
JoAnn Yoon Fukumoto

Clergy Delegates
Tom Choi
Molly Vetter
Cedrick Bridgeforth
Patricia Farris

Jurisdictional Conference (General Conference delegates are automatically Jurisdictional Conference delegates)
Lay Delegates
Norma Kehrberg
Marjorie Suchocki
Monalisa S. Tu’itahi
Ana-Haydée Urda
Ralph H. Logan
Carolyn Ingram
Krista McVey
Mark Stephenson
Lauolefiso “Fiso” Ali’ifua
Krystle Wheeler

Clergy Delegates
Frank Wulf
Mary Elizabeth Moore
Bau Dang
Charlene Zuill
Myron Wingfield
Piula E. Ala’ilima
Tonya Harris
Cynthia Abrams
Catie Coots
Paige Eaves

Welcome to Cal-Pac's General Conference Blog

Welcome friends. As we approach the 2012 General Conference, there will be legislation that will have a dramatic effect on the future of the United Methodist Church. Your California-Pacific Annual Conference General and Jurisdictional Conference delegation wants to make sure that you are kept informed. One of the ways is through the creation of this blog. We hope that you will find this blog useful, informative, and helpful. May God bless us and be with us as we approach Tampa on April 24 and through May 4. Grace and aloha, Tom Choi First Elected Clergy Delegate