Monday, April 30, 2012

Cynthia Abrams - Thoughts on Restructuring Proposals

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Cynthia Abrams offers these reflections on the restructuring proposals:
I heard growing dissent from the African central conferences leading up to to GC who felt excluded.  In spite of this, I thought the concentrated power behind the IOT would prevail. 

My take on this is the IOT plan originators and even the other two plans to some extent, miscalculated by excluding the Central Conferences and also Racial Ethnic Constituencies from almost the entirety of the process (until the very end) in the formation of the plans.  This bred an environment for a very active opposition.

Furthermore, had the Central Conference voices been involved in the planning from the beginning their input to any plan that would have brought cultural authenticity to a structure expected to equip a rapidly growing part of the church.  If we adopt a plan that doesn't provide this, we are perpetuating a Western model that is not relevant, particularly in the African Central Conferences.
Cynthia Abrams 
Clergy Reserve Delegate & Staff for the General Board of Church & Society

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